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Altruistic Witness/Block Producer on Whaleshares.io

altruistic6 months ago2 min read

Just today 08/09/2018, Altruistic got her witness node up and running with the help of a well-wisher, a mentor, and a friend on whaleshare.io. It was not that easier after all but she is finally up. Altruistic is a community account that focuses on doing good for the whole platform and to her community members.


Altruistic: A Helping Hand

Some already know what altruistic is doing while some are just getting to know about her. Altruistic main focus is to help as much as possible to those who are her community members and even those who are not by:

  • curating quality posts which are undervalued.
  • Altruistic gives out giveaways like bHives, dbread, lexibit, steem, steem block dollar(sbd), whaleshares (when it was still in use; we still use it to help new writers to open their accounts), platforms, hairshares, and many more whaletokens that will be available for winning to all.
  • Contests ranging from singing contest to creative writing contest ( a contest is going on click here.
  • Mentorship.
  • Tutorial for members.
  • Different productive shows and hangouts
  • Helping out (charity)
    You can read more about altruistic charity project here

Altruistic is also on steemit platform You can check her blog here

As a Witness

Altruistic will see to the platform running smoothly along with other witnesses and focus more on bringing in more writer to the platform apart from her main focus. Altruistic team members are into marketing, cryptocurrency, charity work and they are working towards this great platform. Altruistic have started witnessing blocks and she is here to stay.

some of the blocks records that altruistic has produced

Use the "Altruistic-wls" tag on your original post and stand a chance to get Altruistic Daily Upvote.


Kindly Vote @altruistic as your witness. To vote visit: https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and click on altruistic to turn the arrow blue by inputting your active key to make it stay.

Every of your vote really counts

If you are interested in being a part of a growing community with so much potential, you can come into our discord server. Suggestions are highly welcome as no one is perfect.

Bitshares account: altruistic-group
Email address: [email protected]
Discord server: https://discord.gg/Gns2K3V



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