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Altruistic Update (16th December to 29th December, 2018)

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Happy festive season to everyone.

  • Altruistic will like to bring to you all weekly updates of the activities of the community.

  • For those who are new to Altruistic, follow @altruistic, @altruistic-wls and join us on discord.

  • Follow our curation and reward featured authors so to promote authors and this platform.

  • Vote for Altruistic witness as all Altruistic witness payout will be used to fund Altruistic operations.

  • You can as well support Altruistic operation by donating to Altruistic account on Bitshares: Altruistic-group. Thanks to those who have been supporting us.


We missed the last week update due to some reasons and as you know, it's also during the festive period. So, we will be updating you for two weeks activities of Altruistic.

ALTT is now officially listed on whaleshares.info

We are pleased to announce to all that altruistic is now officially out to be used and listed as one of the community tokens on whaleshares.info. You can get ALTT by joining contest, shows on Altruistic server, giveaways and many others ways to come. More information about Altruistic token (ALTT) and how to use it can be found here https://whaleshares.io/altt/@altruistic/altt-altruistic-token-is-finally-ready-for-you

You can also get ALTT by joining the Token for your reward
The post will be up twice in a week; Tuesdays and Fridays. You reward the post by choosing your tier, we give you the token.

You can also donate WLS to altruistic. @pankso donated another 25 wls, thanks. He promised to support Altruistic with shares from time to time.
You can also do the same. No amount is too small or too big.


Steem Power Delegation

Thanks to those who have delegated to Altruistic account on steemit. The first month payments were made with the bonus. Now, it's going to be 1 SP = 1 ALTT which means 100 SP = 100 ALTT. All delegators will be getting there tokens in due time.

For the 2nd month which will be paid on 23/01/2019
@cinelonga - 100.015 SP = 100 ALTT
@mcsamm - 101.440 SP = 100 ALTT
@ponmile - 50.684 SP = 50 ALTT
@samest - 50.703 SP = 50 ALTT
@seyiodus - 101.457 SP = 100 ALTT
@stevenmosoes - 101.453 SP = 100 ALTT
@oodeyaa - 400.026 SP = 400 ALTT
@otemzi - 100.001 = 100 ALTT
@admiralsp - 100 SP = 100 ALTT
@emekasegun - 10 = 10 ALTT
@tfame3865 - 500 SP = 500 ALTT
@olusolaemmanuel - 100 SP = 100 ALTT
@momogrow - 1000 SP = 1000 ALTT
@drigweeu - 300 SP = 300 ALTT
@mosunomotunde - 200 SP = 200 ALTT

If you will like to delegate to altruistic on steemit, kindly use this link.

Creative writing Contest

Get an interesting topic to write on a weekly basis and earn yourself some whaletokens. A creative writing contest is going on and it will end in 5 days. Get your pen and paper. Check the post out https://whaleshares.io/altruistic-cw/@altruistic/altruistic-creative-writing-contest-14-protection-or-result-of-the-last-contest

Another poetry challenge will be coming up by tomorrow. Watch out for it.

Authors Corner

Altruistic is always on the lookout for posts that are quality and undervalued. There are more posts that are quality but have good reward but we focus on the undervalued ones. Try to support the featured authors and also follow our curation by upvoting these posts.

Altruistic has curated 6 during the course of 2 weeks excluding the upshare support for those who are using altruistic community tag on their original posts. We had curated more but have not featured them so only the featured ones are listed.

You can find the latest Authors Corner here https://whaleshares.io/authors-corner/@altruistic/authors-corner-december-18th-2018

About the Altruistic support tag, we are pleased to announce that we are still going to support the platform with the tag but with our curation account @altruistic-wls. Check out the introduction post of the curation account https://whaleshares.io/altruistic-wls/@altruistic-wls/introducing-altruistic-wls-an-account-of-altruistic-for-curating-on-altruistic-support-tag-and-whaleshares-platform

We will be monitoring curating manually so that the right users who are putting effort into adding value to the platform can be supported.


There are different interesting shows happening Altruistic's server on discord which you can join.

  • Mondays - curation show ( 7 PM GMT + 0)
  • Wednesdays - Book show (7 PM GMT + 0)
  • Thursdays - Karaoke show and quiz day (7 PM GMT + 0)
  • Fridays - Night hangout from 8 PM GMT + 0 upward.

In between, there might be productive hangouts to pass out information and we do have quiz almost every day. You can join us for the fun.



Only upper week work os the curators will be used in this update.

CuratorsSubmission NoApproval No

Our top curator for last week is @cheryl. The top curator list will change as they actually perform to get quality posts with a high rate of approval.

Featured Authors for last week




Altruistic will like to thank all her support as of now
@bushkill of bHive token
@Raymondspeaks of brocoin token
@vit of Dbread token
@Milkbox.info of milk token
@krazykrista of karzykoin
and to those that are yet but will support altruistic later.


Remember to vote for Altruistic as one of your witness. Your vote will be in the right hand as 90% of our witness earnings is towards the growth of the authors on the platform. visit: https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses to cast your vote


Bitshares account: altruistic-group | Account for upshare: altt-token | Email address: [email protected] //[email protected]

Join Us On Discord Server | Telegram

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