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Altruistic Creative Writing Contest #15: "PROTECTION" | Result Of The Last Contest.

altruistic3 months ago3 min read

Hello everyone, Altruistic is at it again. Giving opportunities to earn something to those who might like to participate in her contest. So here is another creative writing contest.


Altruistic Creative Writing Contest


With this contest, we want to be able to see how creative you are when given a topic to write about. This is the time to start gathering as much WLS as possible. So Altruistic will like you to engage yourself in writing and powering up your earnings.

Result of Contest #12

Thanks to all the authors that participated in the last contest. We had few people for that round.

  • The first price of 100 brocoin and 100 Milk goes to @silher. Check out his post here

  • 2nd price of 50 brocoin and 50 milk goes to @fredkese. Check out his post

  • 3rd price of 25 brocoin and 25 milk goes to @adenijiadeshina. Check out her post

10 brocoin and 10 milk goes to 1 honorary participants:

  • @cesar-18
    Congratulations to all. The prizes had been sent.



This is where creative writing will be coming from "PROTECTION". You are to write your understanding of the topic. Think, be creative and come up with something in your own words.

Get your pen ready, pick up your notebook and get to writing.



• Write a post on the above topic. Show your readers how creative you can be when it comes to writing and your understanding of the topic.

• Use the contest banner as your main image.

• Reward and share this post.

• Drop the link of your post in the comment below along with your bitshares id in case you win something.

• Use altruistic-cw and altruistic-wls as your first and second tags

• It must be original content.

• The contest will last for 7 days.

• Only English Entry will be accepted.

• Tag 3 people/friends to join in the contest.



Ist: 100 ALTT, 100 Milk and 100 Brocoin
2nd: 50 ALTT, 50 Milk and 50 Brocoin
3rd: 25 ALTT, 25 Milk and 25 Brocoin

10 altt, 10 milk and 10 brocoin tokens will go to 5 respected participants who tried there best and follow the rules of the contest.

We wish you all the best as you embark on this contest and may the best writer win.

Happy festive season!


Appreciation To Supporters

Altruistic will like to say a big thanks to all her supporters:
@bushkill of bHive token
@krazykrista of krazycoin token
@vit of Dbread token
@Raymondspeaks of brocoin token
@Milkbox.info of milk token

and to those that are yet but will support altruistic later.


Don't forget to join in the Altruistic token portfolio building (Token for your reward). Check the update post out


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