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4000 WLS New Year Giveaway

altruisticPosted to Public3 months ago2 min read

Hello everyone. I want to wish you all a prosperous new year, a year of great fulfilment financially, materially, spiritually, health-wisely and in any other thing you can think of. It had been a not so busy year 2019 for crypto and especially for whaleshares but I hope this year will be a good turn around.


Happy new year

To celebrate the new year with the whale family, I will be giving out 4000 WLS to two different sets of users. The first 2000 WLS will go to the first 10 people who are still new to the platform (with low stake) and are active and the second set will go to 20 people (anyone who is interested).

This is how it will go. Kindly help me out with it.
  • If you know of anyone who is having less than 10k stake, you can invite them or tag them in the comment section to be part of the first 10 users.
  • kindly give a new year greeting or prayer, or anything that comes to your mind for the platform
  • The WLS will be a tip to your comment.
  • One account per user pls.
  • The giveaway will end by 05-01-2020 (claimed or not)

Have a wonderful year.


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