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altruisticPosted to Public11 months ago2 min read

Hello folks, today is another day the curation show on Altruistic discord server. Come to share your views and ideas about your post as well as others' post that will be presented on the show. Don't miss another show today.

curation_show 2.png

We start the show at 7 pm GMT or 3 pm EDT/EST and you can find us at the Altruistic server on Discord waiting for you to arrive and present your post. We'll be in Altruistic Curation Lounge.
A link to the Altruistic server is here - https://discord.gg/Gns2K3V.


To participate on the show, drop the following in the comment section of this post

  • Drop your post link you will like to share
  • Drop your BTS ID
  • Drop your EOS ID

Souvenirs will be sent out to any of the IDs. If you are required to drop any other thing, you will be informed on the show.

Note that Posts that are not dropped here will not be featured on the show.
Come along to meet amazing and friendly people to share ideas with. See you soon.


Remember to vote for Altruistic as one of your witness. Your vote will be in the right hand has 90% of our witness earnings is towards the growth of the authors on the platform. Cast your vote from your wallet


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