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Lets prepare to speak in Public [Oratory Course]

alcidescadizPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on5 min read
"Having knowledge but lacking the power to express it clearly is no better than never having any ideas at all"

(Pericles, 450 BC)

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In this new series, the main focus will be to describe the essential tips to master the art of Oratory.

What is Oratory?

Related words: Speech, Eloquence, Art; Oratory is the art of giving a speech with eloquence.

The purpose of oratory is to influence others, to convince our listeners with our words. Perhaps we get the mental image of a charismatic and eloquent salesman who's lexicon allows him to convince others that his product or service is the best, but the truth is that we are all "sellers". From a child who is exhibiting his mini project at school to a professional seeking for investors for his big venture.

Characteristics of a good Speaker:

“Vir bonus peritus dicendi” Caton

  • He has a well defined objective: selling, teaching, convincing, explaining, reasoning ...
  • He expresses himself respecting the grammatical rules.
  • He appropriately uses the gestures or mannerisms.
  • He has total and absolute control of the content.
  • He adapts to the public.
  • He develops the speech in a logical and orderly manner.

    Why should we study Oratory?

When our life in society begins and we must interact with other people, we gradually improve our communicating skills. As time passes and we advance in different stages of our lives, it becomes essential to have the ability to express ourselves clearly.

Back in our kindergarten or school days, the professors made us give many public speeches to explain mini projects. From that moment on, we will have to prepare and defend tons of academic work in high school and in college. If we think that it would stop when obtaining the professional title, we are totally wrong! While working, we must also communicate effectively, independently if we work in sales, services or in an industry we will often have to report to our management and explain Projects.

Therefore, if we want or need to improve our interaction with the public and get appropriate advice to convey our message properly, this blog series called "Oratory Course" will be very helpful.

Who is it aimed at?

In the first semester of the year 2017, the university where I work invited me to participate as part of the group of instructors and teachers for training the students for the presentation of their professional practices (internships) and the preparations of their thesis. The students of the ninth and tenth semester are organized attend several workshops. Three days are prepared, the first one of writing skills, the second one of oratory, and the last one for the elaboration of presentations or support material.

So, first of all, the content and the dynamics taught were designed for university students, so as to provide them with the necessary tools to fulfill the defense of their internships and grade work in a satisfactory way.

Now that the content will be developed by way of blogs, combined the experiences acquired throughout all the taught workshops, it will remain useful for university students and since it will be available to the general public, it will also be of benefit to any reader. The Oratory Course will adapt to the context of application both in the university and at the work level.

Vendors, Video-blog creators, managers, teachers, YouTubers, students, in short, anyone who wants to improve their way of communicating or transmitting their ideas will be able to take advantage of the agenda to be developed.

Proposed topics:

*Speaking well: Correct reading, proper modulation and use of pauses and emphasis on main ideas.

  • Non-verbal communication: What our body says about us, analysis of the gestures, proper usage of our gaze.
  • Adapting the vocabulary: Preparation of our lexicon.
  • Projecting a good image: The care on our appearance and on our personal hygiene says a lot about us.
  • Common mistakes in Oratory: Five aspects that we must avoid when giving a speech.
  • Outlining the speech: phases, tips, and ideas to properly order our intended message.
  • Audio and Video: Tools to complement our speeches.
  • Exercises to improve our Oratory: Simple techniques that can enhance our capacity as speakers.
  • No more nervousness, some techniques to be relaxed: Exercises to keep us calm before and during our oratory.
  • Evaluating Oratory: Rubrica proposal to evaluate our capacity of oratory
  • The Dark Side of oratory: Reflections on Ethics and Morality in the applications of oratory.

To be continued...

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