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Common errors in oratory

alcidescadizPosted to Public2 years ago4 min read

No soldier dies in an announced war except for careless soldiers.

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Common errors in oratory:

Five things to avoid during a speech.

1. Lack of preparation

Lack of preparation is the most common error of speakers, it is also brings the most negative consequences; a good preparation give you don’t do it, these kind of things would happen:

  • Nervousness: you will probably project your insecurity in your speech and while moving; It is true that we will be always kind of nervous, but if we have enough practice, we will increase our self-confidence and decrease our fears.

  • Incoherence in the message: the previous practice of the speech, the adequate selection of the words we will use and the establishment of the ideas’ order are crucial factors to success. If we do not set those things before hand, improvisation will ruin our main message. Improvisation, most of times, reflect the opposite of professionalism.

  • Control of time: a good preparation takes into account the time available to discuss a topic. If you do not get prepared before the speech is very likely you would last too long when speaking. This is a very important issue, because most of important events have a time set that must be respected.

  • Sound test: the previous preparation must include the revision of the sound system.

2. Non interesting facts

When developing a topic that we want to share with the audience, we always have to take into account the applicability of our arguments. Why is the topic so important? How will the listeners get a benefit of it? How the content of my speech can be applied into real life?

If the speech is only informative, it will not have a significant impact on the listeners. They will perceive it as another discourse, irelevant, or maybe as something that they have heard before.

3. Outdated data

This an important error when it comes to a thesis defense in most of the Universities and academic institutions. They demand their students to have updated data. You have to be careful with this to fulfill the academic requirement established by the institution.

It is true that not all areas of knowledge should require at least five years updated database, but when including a statistical data this consideration is very important. The jury will probably compare it with statistical data of other years.

4. Lack of interaction with the public.

The speech interactivity does not necessarily include the direct participation of the public, although it led your event to be more attractive and dynamic. Interviews and question and answer sessions are a good example.

If the technical part of the event is related with the participation of the listeners, the speaker can include a passive interaction, for example, rhetorical questions. Also, he can make some questions to its public before the development of the speech so he can used the answers later as a part of his arguments.

5. Overact instead of being yourself

We all want to show our best attitude in front of a microphone, surprising others with our overflowing charisma and joy, however it is not an instant skill. There are event directors who pressure novice speakers to have excess of energy while presentation when it is not something natural of them. The result is an overacting show, a farce. It effectively manages to draw attention to the public, but not because the message but for the sad and ridiculous role the speaker is doing at microphone.

So please, be yourself always. Avoid using a "mask", do not create a personality that does not belong to you. If someone has said that you lack charisma when speaking, try and practice with the different tones of your voice to find the indicated one that reflects security. Remember, the public loves a natural and relaxed speaker.

Now tell me, what kind of mistake do you think that ruin an oral presentation?

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