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You can sow seeds of the flowering plant gazania in early spring. (596)

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his season is best for flowers. In which every flower looks beautiful. And others also like it. You can also get benefits by planting Gazania flower this month. But if you plant Gazania in spring, you can have many flowers in your garden. It also depends on our season. I can collect many seeds that bloom with the flowers. Gazania should be sown according to the temperature. In which it should be 21 to 26 degrees. Because it improves the plantation. A distance of 5 to 9 inches should be kept while sowing the seeds.

Gazania plant cannot grow easily. For this the seeds have to germinate. It is always in summer, it can use any plastic bang. Because once planted in pots, one has to wait for several days. It also takes 12 weeks to flower. But this flower keeps blooming for 10 to 31 days. But we have many monkeys here and they always like them.


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