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Yellow rose flower in the garden of the house. (519)

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Sundays are always special. In which he goes out for a walk in the morning. Many people meet on the way. To whom we salute He asks about us. A person has asked that you both are looking good together. But today it is going to rain. She will not come today. Because whenever we go through that path. So people have their own story. After coming from there, he watches some online videos. Nowadays I am discussing about some new coin. Some days I forgot to include the whole coin. Because I see my coins decreasing every day. Then I take opinion from each other. Then I get to learn something. Come, I also want to do something with you. Then I pay attention to my garden. Many flowers are blooming in the garden. But some flowers are very lovely.


It's 10 o'clock. Then I go to talk to my sister-in-law. Brother is found there. He says how much he has earned online. I have said that till now in 5 years only 3 to 5 lakh rupees have been earned. But I haven't spent anything. Then the sister-in-law has said that some saplings have to be planted. So I take it out of one pot and plant it in another pot. This plant has also become very big. I am giving water to that plant. Then I go to the other sister-in-law's house. Then I have seen that many flowers are coming here. In which I always like yellow flowers. This flower brings love to the house. Last year too many flowers are coming. But this flower remains yellow for some days. It turns red after a few days. One gets to see this kind of rose flower.

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