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Women working in the farms. (474)

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 9 months ago2 min read

Farm photography




I am not the same every day. Always get to see the fields once a week. Rest of the day I stay in my office. It is 8 in the morning. Then I go out for a walk. It takes me 15 to 35 minutes to go to the fields. Because the farm is 2 to 5 kilometers away from us. Then I have reached the fields. Brother is working with laborer. Then I come from there. Only then I meet aunt on the way. He is calling me. Then I go to meet. She is harvesting her mustard crop. It may take two hours to cut them, then I have asked that you should cut the mustard crop soon. Because soon the weather will turn bad. Because it may rain after two days. But now the mustard has to be dried properly. I have refused to cut some mustard greens. She says that we will not cut the green mustard. Then I asked the cost of harvesting. He says that he has not talked about harvesting mustard yet. That's why it can take time.

Come let's take a look at the harvesting of mustard. This is most important. When should mustard be harvested? Because you can harvest by seeing the mustard pods. It gets ready in 100 days in the crop. It depends on the climate of the season. In which mustard may take time to cook. In which the farmer starts cracking beans. So he can start harvesting. Because when the beans are cracked too much, all the seeds fall in the fields. That's why farmers do not wait for some pods to ripen. In which seeds can come out well. The beans dry up within one to two days. If the weather is bad due to some reason then it takes 7 days also. That's why the legumes have to be allowed to cook well.

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