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Wishing Ashul a very happy birthday. (572)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 6 months ago

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The evening time is very beautiful. Because today Ashul comes to the office and asks where is everyone. I said everyone is inside the room. He goes to meet them. Then he asks me what would you like to eat. I said you can bring anything. Then he is preparing the program together with everyone. Then he goes to the shop. They bring cakes and pastries from there. Because everyone starts cutting the cake together. We all together wish Ashul a happy birthday. Because one year of life has been reduced. But there are some moments like this. Whom we want to share in happiness. Then everyone is eating cake together. After some time they bring pastries. I give half the pastry to Akhil. Because today I have less appetite. That's why I liked only half the pastry. Then everyone together is having their feast in the room.

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Camera Devicenothing Rear Camera 12MP
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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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