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Why does the mind get nervous after exercise?

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

Some people think that they exercise for a long time. It is their advantage or disadvantage. But it depends on the body structure. You can also exercise according to the body. In which you should have your own rules. Most of the people feel tired after exercising. This is quite common. Some people have the problem of abdominal cramps or cramps. But this problem also becomes serious. For this we ourselves are responsible. Many times it happens that according to the forgiveness of the body, we do more exercise. That's why everyone's exercise is different. It is a misconception that the harder you exercise, the more benefits you will get.


whenever you exercise. So your brain, lungs and day need more blood along with your muscles. Everyone has an autonomous nervous system in their body. There they control your heart rate, blood pressure and digestive activities. The blood vessels that carry blood to your muscle tissue become wider. The natural system of demand-supply in your body also gets activated. Your body's systems work. The muscles leading to the stomach contract. The rest of the cell needs more blood and oxygen. Due to which the supply is not sufficient. There is fatigue while exercising.

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