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While making breakfast at home. (602)

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My dear friends, I love how you are and are healthy. Nowadays the weather is changing rapidly. There is fog everywhere. But somehow the sun is also coming out. I go for a walk in the fields in the morning. This looks good. Because oxygen in the morning is most important. In this way I also complete a form of exercise. After coming home I ask how much time will it take for breakfast?

Ritu has said that I am unwell so prepare your breakfast yourself. I don't know how to cook breakfast. But then I go to a shop in the village. From there I buy a packet of bread worth Rs 20. And I come home. And I start using the gas first. Then I have kept the pan. And it may take 5 minutes to heat up. Then I am spreading ghee on the bread. Some vegetables have been kept. I have also filled the middle of the bread with vegetables. Then I prepared a loaf of bread and gave it to Ritu. She can see after eating. So I'm making the rest of the bread for myself. Breakfast is ready. I have to prepare to cook. But don't know how to cook. So I can order food from outside. A lunch box of Rs 70 is available.

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