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When to plant Gazania/African Daisy? (592)

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If you want to plant this plant at home then these months are the best. Flowers appear from December to February. A flower blooms continuously for 7 to 14 days. For this you only need a small pot. In which 10 inch pots work better. It can be seen in many colors. But right now I have applied only two colors. One is yellow and the other is red. I want to apply white color also. So I have to go to nursery.

This is a botanical name of a plant. Which we call Gazania. There are many types of this plant. In which it is also called annual and perennial plant. The seeds of this plant germinate. Which takes 8 to 20 days. This plant should always be kept in sunlight. Because these flowers keep blooming every day. Sandy and loamy soil can be used in this. This plant always blooms more in winter. And dries up in summer. Red, orange, yellow, white, pink colors can be seen in this plant.

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