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Wheat requires climate and land. (469)

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Cultivation for wheat is done in a very good climate. In which sowing is always done in favorable temperature for cultivation. For which 15 to 20 degree temperature is required. But in other the need of irrigation is also necessary. But loamy soil is very good for wheat. In which the soil can be covered. There is always a need for resources. In which we can take the help of tractor and oxen. That's why there is always a need for resources to prepare agriculture. The crops of wheat and paddy are similar. In which first plowing is necessary. Cultivator is required for plowing it. In which 3 to 4 cultivators can be plowed. In which you can use urea per hectare. It is most important to use the right seed with sowing. Come let's know about wheat crop together. Because wheat is necessary for everyone.

Correct seed rate is essential. Wheat can be sown by machine. But in olden times farmers used to sow by hand. In which 100 kg per hectare grain can be taken. In which coarse and fine wheat can also be taken. In which the moisture of the fields is required. Because wheat is always sown at the right time and month. In which the yield is correct. But there may also be a reduction in yield. That's why the yield should always be good. We can sow wheat between 10th number to 10th December. Sowing should always have moisture in it. Some farmers always sow in January also. That farmer should always wait from April to May. Because good crop can give good profit. Irrigation should also be in sufficient quantity.

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