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We have a happy life in the world of God

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

All friends are welcome. I am enjoying my journey. You can make your life better. But some people still think about themselves. Nothing happens in your life Everything is made by God. Only we are working in life. That's why I pray for everyone. Everyone got the light today, have a good day ahead. I have never imagined flying. I wake up in the morning. I ask my God to make mercy. Because he is everything to me. I can change my mind

On the way, birds are flying all around. The sun is also coming out. The sky is clean. And light flowers are blooming all around. After some time, a bird sits on a tree branch. And I can hear its Bids. Then after some time, the bird also comes. I am sitting And enjoying the sun. I am taking a picture. Suddenly all the birds fly away. Only one bird is sitting. I am getting the energy of the sun. The day is getting better.

God has mercy on us, we have looked forward to mercy. Still we need mercy. We have done a lot of wrongdoing. But some work is also done well. In the world of God, we want the happiness of a life. We have never thought of anything wrong. But how do people think that he always thinks wrong. I have just started sending messages to friends. Today, we are the most important person of God. I need his kindness. Still someone is missed. So you can remember God. Looks like our flight.


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Enjoy Sunday The first ray of morning sun touches the heart.
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