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Together we have planted trees in the Farm.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read


Hello friends, together we have planted trees in some fields, but earlier trees were planted here, but some trees had dried up, so we have created a new plant, everyone can get benefits in it, some trees should be planted with fruits. Have planted some shade trees, it will be about 2 acres of land, in which work has been received from the government, now Pawan is completing the work, today I have also included Pawan' picture, he always completes his working time. It does, it is fertile soil, it is a tree all around the field, any crop can be grown in the middle, we have got about 275 saplings, in which 155 have been planted, yet some saplings are yet to be planted. Yes, we need two days for this



Today again the work of construction of the path of the fields has started, it will be about 3 to 4 kilometers, after the work starts measuring, we have only 7 laborers, all of them are working for a month, we have No new laborers have been included, because the laborers have to pay separately, they work on Rs 400 a day, on some holidays we are not deducting the salary, it helps them, we do our work together Time runs out, so I have not stopped anyone's salary yet, then we have gone to other work, this is a pond, around which a lot of grass has grown, because this pond is made for animals, so we have to take time may seem


I hope you like them,
Enjoy your Thursday. It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the farm.
Have a Nice Day.

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