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Together we are constructing the roads of the farms

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read


Hello friends, today I have come again with the work of Pawan, he is my good friend. But his work is very difficult, which we can never change. He is always ready for his work, as he goes to every village throughout the day. He collects the data of his work. And gives me all the responsibility. I store all his data. Then I prepare his photos. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to prepare the photo. Because they have to write their name and address. After that we have to post that. It takes 7 to 15 days to reach it. After that we get a call. He says your work is very good.


This work is for today. In which we had started work in the morning itself. Today we have found paths to the farm. In which the distance is 10 kilometers. Then we 10 laborers get engaged in this work. But it may take time to complete it. I hope it will be completed in 1 week. In which 7 laborers have been given work soap on one side. We have kept everyone's wages the same. A person will get 500 rupees for a day. He is not placed on kilometer. This is to level the path of the fields. Because it has become easier for us due to rain for a few days now. In which the soil can be well leveled. At first the soil is becoming very solid. Which took more time to work. After noon we all have lunch. In which we have given everyone 1 hour rest. We have started working together again.


I hope you like them,
Enjoy your Thursday. It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the Farm.
Have a Nice Day.

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