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This is the experience of the students of the first day of school.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read


There is a lot to be learned in art. All the students are also happy in this. But he always comes with new experiences. I started with the opening of the school for the students. In which all the students have to make the scene of the school. It is very easy to make. But it is also difficult for some students. If you start from the beginning, then it cannot be difficult. So always keeping that in mind. Painting is important. In which art comes different to all the students. The reason for this cannot be that he has little experience in his art. Because some students keep on learning. So I experience with a new student


Then I take a student. Its a good experience. First of all the school is built. In which the wall and the room are made. Then I build the roof, then I have made that path. Then a girl student is made. In which some student roof is made. the art takes 15 minutes to complete so i then i take the picture from the beginning of the class





I think you will like this post.
Enjoy your Saturday. A good education makes us learn something new in life. Welcome to this Art.
Have a good day.

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