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This is the 516th day mobile photoshoot. Family Doctor Plant

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Hello friends, I have planted a new plant in my house a few days back. The name of this plant is Family Doctor. In which the leaves look like flowers. This plant has become very big in 30 days only. In which I started with just a small plant. But start growing fast. And the leaves appear to be quite large. But twigs start coming out from all sides of the plant. In which the growth of the plant is clearly visible. I have planted in only one pot. The size of the pot is 15 inches. But I see a special thing in this plant. Because its leaves remain green for many days. The texture of the leaves looks like a lotus. Right now this plant is only 7 inches tall. I think That its length can go up to two to three feet.

Some plants are full of medicinal and properties. In which the beauty of our house increases. He also gives benefits to the healthy. Due to which the plant of our house becomes good. In which we can get information about a powerful medicinal plant. Apart from this, I have planted many types of plants in the house. But only the leaves of some plants provide benefits. In which weed, lavender, chamomile, linseed, tea-tree oil etc. are plants. Turmeric plant is full of properties. Because it is a herb. which is used everywhere. It prevents many diseases. That depends. what kind of disease the patient is.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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