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This is the 449th day mobile photoshoot. || Schools are like childhood.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 10 months ago2 min read

a student looking at art






Hello friends, schools are like childhood. In which we also remember some of our moments. All the students are very enthusiastic about art. It meets twice a week. In which only one day remains due to one day off. Kids always makes great art. For some reason a deficiency is found in the art of the child. So I understand them. And starts telling them about art. Because we learn a lot from the medium of art. Every day experiences something new. But children always fill color well in their art. Line is most important in art. He can make a good picture by moving the line in the right direction. In which the choice of children is different. He makes his painting more beautiful.

Morning time is always given in each class for painting. But some students in the class are like this. He makes great art. He is a student of class 7. This art always makes good. In which I have given a paper only for drawing. Today I have given drawing of rose and sunflower with butterfly. Then the student starts drawing on the blackboard. In which there is a flaw in the picture. So I ask them to fix it together. First a rose is made. Then leaves are also made along with the rose. In which sunflower flower is made. In which I prepare by making some leaves. In which children are asked to import. In which the student starts making a butterfly. She mistakes something in Titli. That's why I ask him to correct it. In which it is said to make butterfly wings. In which the butterfly has been made very beautiful.

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