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This is the 444th day mobile photoshoot. || Mustard flower blooming at sunrise

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 6 months ago2 min read






There is not something new to do every day. Some days it becomes beautiful from a flower. Then I always wake up early in the morning. Sunday is my short trip. i like to travel Then I do my exercises in the morning. Then before the sun rises, I go out to the fields. I come out of the village in the morning. Some people always meet on the way. I talk to him Then later on I get my brother. He says that he has to meet me at the time of going home. I have said yes to my brother. I have reached my farm. The sun has also risen. Mustard is blooming all over the field. In which the brightness of mustard flower is increasing. In which I take a picture with my phone. In which the brightness of the sun is coming on the camera from ahead. This sight is looking amazing.

Mustard is sowing on time here. For this you have to use seeds on time. In which we can sowing in the month of October and November. In which irrigation is necessary after sowing. In which you can irrigate after 15 days. For some reason some plants do not grow. So you can do middle sowing there again. I have seen that in some fields the empty space is saved. The reason for this is that you have not scattered the mustard seed at the right place. Then you can irrigate one to two times within 15 to 30 days. Mustard starts cooking. Then mustard should not be irrigated. Because it is necessary to cook the seeds on time. You should start harvesting in April and May. Mustard should always be kept at such a place. Where mustard seed should not be left. Good mustard is produced at low cost.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera Devicenothing Rear Camera 12MP
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