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This is the 428th day mobile photoshoot. || Dahlia Red flowers

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 10 days ago2 min read







We love to see a Dahlia flower for a long time. We sowed the seeds of this plant in October and November. After 7 days a new plant is growing. It looks very cute. But after a few days, the plant has started getting bigger. So I have taken the plant out of the small pot and planted it in a big pot. In which I had planted five saplings. But only two plants have grown well. The rest of the plant has dried up. Then buds have started coming on the plant. But many buds had come on the plant. But as soon as a single bud came, the monkey used to pluck it and take it away. We were quite saddened by the monkeys. But I was waiting for my flower. Then flowers have started blooming on a branch. I had hoped that this time the flower would come very well. Then a flower has blossomed. It is very beautiful in Dahila. In which there are many petals and yellow color is made in the middle.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera Devicenothing Rear Camera 12MP
CategoryNature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
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