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These roses represent the beauty of love, make the house beautiful. (509)

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Welcome to all Steemit family. In which everyone knows. That roses are always a symbol of love. In which it is found in everyone's house. But whose house is not this flower. So you can install your house today itself. This strengthens the relationships in your home. Which gives you beautiful relationships. In which roses are of many colors. But each color has a different meaning. They never understand that which public does the rose bring? This also has its own day. In which all red roses are celebrated on 7 February. In which you can give a feeling of love by giving to others. In which he can make a new start of his life. It fuels your passion.

Come I want to tell you. How to plant red rose at home. It is very easy to apply it. Only you can have a pot of 10 to 20 inches. In which you need sand with soil. In which you can also use cow dung. For some reason cow dung is not available. So you can buy fertilizers from the market. In which all three can be planted together. In which a plant is available from Rs.20 to Rs.550. In which many varieties of roses are found. You can grow it at home. But for that you should know the right way. Only then we can see our rose growing in the house.

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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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