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The sun's rays are coming to the earth. (513)

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Everyone wants that the morning should be beautiful. In which there should be no heat. Every day should be better. There should be money all day long. But it never happens like this. Because there is a lot of time difference from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. God has given us one day. In which that day starts from Sunday. But for God's sake it is only good morning. It doesn't have any meaning. In which the light of the sun reaches the earth. So those days are special for us. In which they understand that they came into the world alone. And have to go alone. This is just an illusion. Which is very difficult to give up. But dreams sometimes come true. That's why they make life beautiful. Let's make the world beautiful together.

I always go for a walk on Sundays. In which it takes time to reach through the fields. But some such things also happen. Whom we are happy to see. Then I saw that the sun was rising. In which the first is coming from behind the tree. In which he is looking very big. I see sunlight. It is also the most important thing on earth. Because the earth is incomplete without light. He gives us a new life every day. Have you ever seen Have you seen a plant coming out of the ground? In which only two leaves come in the beginning. He checks the environment of nature. Only then those leaves start coming out. For some reason the problem occurs. So the leaves and the plant dry up. This is God's creation.

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