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The rising sun makes the journey beautiful. (450)

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago2 min read

Sun rising behind the tree.




Hello friends, traveling is always beautiful. Then I wake up early in the morning. Does some household chores. And I see my garden everyday. In which I like my garden. Then I go on my journey. As soon as I come out of the village. Then I saw that the sun was rising. In which it looks very good to grow from behind the trees. Then I reach half way. See my friends on the way. He asks me where are you going. I have said that I am going for a walk in the fields. Then I asked what are you doing here. He says that I have to fill manure in the cart with my brother. Because he is mixing fertilizers in his crop. Then I move on. And the brothers meet. I said that you have to bring soil. Because we need soil at home.

I have reached the fields. In which the rising sun is visible on the way. The brightness of the crop is also increasing. God has created a sun. In which he always rises and hides on time. His light always falls on the earth. We see this light a lot. And food is also obtained from this. Sunlight gives us a new life. In which something new is found every day. We can see the crops growing. Light is always visible to the destination of others. Then I am coming back home. Then the sun is going ahead of me. He never stops, he keeps moving forward, never changes in his time. But humans always keep changing. Human thinking is very different. Let us together respect the place made by God.

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