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The party starts at home any time. (543) 馃巶馃コ馃巿馃帾

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Hello Everyone 馃檹






It is evening time. Then I remember. That today I have to take home pizza. The family members have said that they have to bring pizza. I have been refusing for many days. I told you that a new pizza shop has opened nearby. But haven't started making pizza yet. Then I go straight to the pizza shop. I asked what is the price of pizza. They say you can see the price in the list. The prices here are all at higher rates. That's why I don't think so. That their shop can run. Pizza vendors can sit vacant. Then I see a cake. This cake is red in colour. But its design is very good. The shopkeeper said that its taste is also different

Then I asked whether its price could be reduced. The shopkeeper has said that you can get this for Rs 300. I also order a pizza. In which I have been asked to wait for 10 minutes. Then I am going home with both of them. Nonu my brother is eating pizza. It is not made tasty. Pizza is not good just because the price is high. Then everyone is sitting together. And also start cutting the cake. The cake is very delicious. Like he had told. This cake is delicious as is. We are all enjoying a small party together. You can also join.

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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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