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The festival of Diwali has been celebrated with enthusiasm.(601)

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my dear friends,

I live in a village in India. There is a city near the village. I learn computers there. And I am also teaching art two days a week. It's been quite a year. When we had to participate in a competition in our school. Then we took 9 students from our school. I didn't know about it. That's why I have also come to participate in the competition. The competition starts at 11 o'clock. Students from 15 other schools are involved here. So we have also joined. I don't feel like it. Who can come good? So the competition ended there. Then everyone's results were yet to come. Then no one got number in the competition. The principal has become very angry. That's why she asks all the teachers as soon as she comes to school. Who is teaching the art? Two madams have said that we have been taught. But their learning is useless. Because none of the 9 students have participated.

Today I have taught all the students to make art.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera Devicenothing Rear Camera 12MP
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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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