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The farmer's new crop is getting ready. (603)

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Months are the most special for farmers. In which the time for sowing mustard is best. Mustard should be sown in the months of September and October. Mustard should be kept 6 cm deep behind the plough. And a distance of 50 centimeters should be maintained. Before this, the most important thing is the variety of your mustard. Because cultivation is necessary according to some mustard varieties. In which you can take RH 725, RH-761 seeds. This mustard is good and the profits are also good.

Then irrigation is most important at the time of sowing mustard. In which the first 30 days of irrigation is most important. Then there can be a gap of 40 to 50 days in the second irrigation. After the arrival of pods, 70 days are required. In which the yield is good with proper irrigation. After a few days the plants cover the ground. And buds and flowers get better within 6 weeks. Mustard can be sown according to agriculture. But farmers always produce according to their thinking and understanding. From this, many quintals of mustard can be obtained every year.

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