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Take care of your skin in the changing seasons.

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 3 months ago

Nowadays the weather is changing. In which you may have skin related problems. Differences are visible in the morning and afternoon after evening temperatures. Live in the room. So it doesn't feel hot. But you start sweating after coming out of the room. Due to this, stickiness starts occurring in the body. This causes problem of allergy and sunburn in your body. Some people also get rashes on their body. Itching also starts. All these happen due to change in weather. That's why you want to improve your skin


I have taken some important steps. First of all you should have knowledge of Ayurveda. If for some reason you drink less water during the day, then your habit should be changed. Our body should drink adequate amount of water. You sho

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