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Sowing the seeds of flowers.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read


Hello friends, I have learned a lot with plant. We do not know how to sow in the middle of a plant, but the seed should be its own experience. Some people are not aware of this. In which we can be. To make any garden colorful, there are some key things to know. Some flowers are like this, they have to be sown according to the time. In which summer and winter flowers and their seeds are different, summer seeds are always sown in March and April. And winter seeds are always sown in November and October, for this the temperature is also important, for sowing some plants the temperature is 23 degree to 30 degree. If manure is put in the soil, then it can grow quickly.


My experience is different, there are many members in the house, they show their experiences. In which my wife is also there. He had bought some flower seeds online, he starts sowing them. She sows the seeds of flowers in February. But her pot is very small, she takes to the glass. And takes both soil and manure in it. She plants seeds in it. But no flowering plant has come out for 1 month, due to which there can be many reasons. Then I see my experience, I first take a big pot. Then I use manure mixed with his soil. Let me mix some seeds. And from above, light soil is eroding, some seeds are also shining. Then I sprinkle it with water, except for a day, I sprinkle the water again, and give good sunlight to the pot, for 7 days a small plant emerges. This is my very happy moment. But some plants are yet to emerge.


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