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Small rivers are being built near the farm.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 7 months ago2 min read


Hello friends, today we have got work in farmer's fields. In which irrigation is required for the farmer's crop. It is a small river. In which water was not coming for two years. It is a river of about 15.5 km. Which we have to complete in 10 weeks. The width of this river is 2.7 meters. And the depth of the river is 3.1 feet. At some places it becomes 4 feet deep. We haven't thought about leveling yet. Because we have to clean the entire river. Some trees come in the way. We have to protect them too. This is a rosewood tree. Whose length will be 50 to 80 feet. This tree is strong too. This work takes place from morning to evening. In which 2 hours are available to rest in between. Right now we have only 10 laborers.


I told you before. That all these works are done by the Pawan. He is given work by the government. Villages where irrigation and roads are poor. They are given work to fix. Due to some reason the money for the work does not come. So we spend money working on our behalf. Lakhs of rupees go into this work. The cost of a laborer for a whole day's work is Rs.500. Because the government does not give us more wages. But we give wages to all the workers equally. Now we have 50 laborers. This river is very big. So we may need more people.




I hope you like them, It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the Farm.
Have a Nice Day.

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