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Scientific name of Dahlia is beriberis. (589)

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You all know that the weather is changing. Many flowers can be seen in it. This is the flower of a dahlia plant. For this, first of all there is suitable climate. It always starts planting in the month of March. And it grows in hot climates. And starts giving flowers in winter climate. This plant lives for 2 years. Many flowers start appearing on the same plant. Soil is most important for this. After planting this plant, weeding should be done on time. Therefore you should keep the land level. Dahlia flowers are available in many colours. But these flowers can be red in color. Just beginning to bloom. I will have to wait.

It was morning time. Nowadays there are several days of school holidays. That's why I keep going to sister-in-law's house in the morning. I have seen flowers in a garden there. I have asked how many flowers there can be. This flower is only worth Rs 20. But this plant can be planted in 10 to 15 inch pots. Light water should be sprinkled.

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