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Samosa is a popular snack in India. (587)

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This is the most delicious dish. Which is made in South Asia. It appears in a triangular shape. In which it is prepared with flour and potatoes. Sweet and sour chutneys are used in this. Samosas were first made in North India. It is also used in surrounding countries. Samosa is also popular with everyone. Do you know that the real name of samosa is Samsa. It has been placed in the 10th century. In which the name has been created by Popular Irani.

It was afternoon time. Then everyone wants to throw a samosa party. Because it's been 5 days vacation. In which all the medicines are given on the last day. Like samosas, sweets etc. After coming madam asks what would you like to eat sir. I have said that I do not eat samosas. But my son likes it very much. Then after some time she also brings the peon. She says sir you should eat samosas. I have told you to give it to Nanu. he is his most favorite.

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