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Ram has been portrayed beautifully in art. (574)

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Hello friends, Vijayadashami is celebrated on 24/10/2023. But when our school was closed. Because all the students prepare Vijayadashami at their home. That's why this day is very dear to all of us. But I also want to present Vijayadashami in art. Then come next week. Then I have to make art. When I'm thinking about what illustration I should get made. Then I took a picture of Ram. In which the form of Ram and Ravana can be seen. This festival has been happening here for many years. Which we tell children. Who is Ram? How do these wars happen? What problems have arisen in the world because of this?

Then I took one of my students. And I ask you to draw a picture. Then I have given a picture of Vijayadashami to be drawn. Making Ram first. In which Ram's face is made. And he has made a bow in his hands. In which Ram uses the bow to set Ravana on fire. Then both of us started drawing the picture of Ravana. Ravana has 10 heads. In which Ravana can speak with 10 faces. This scene has been created very beautifully. But one mistake of Ravana becomes costly for everyone. That's why man always thinks about himself. Let us together celebrate Ram's Vijayadashami.

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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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