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Preparations for the Diwali festival have started in the school. (556)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

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Students of Happy Children Public School are creating wonderful art in their classroom. But some students are also making programs. But lamps are also being made. Some students have made and brought very beautiful lamps. It looks very good to see this. The child is also participating in his own competition. But the festival of Diwali is presented with art.

Two days of the week are special. Children are both happy and sad in this. Because the one who does not bring pictures. They are called for tomorrow. Then I took a student. He says sir you can take someone else. I said I can take it tomorrow. Therefore, today's picture has to be drawn by you only. Then start drawing. I have said that it has to be made in the middle of the board. First the face is created. His hands are not made right. That's why I have told you how to make the hand. Then the children see and start making it.

Then I told all the children. This Diwali the picture has to be filled with colour. I am also telling you the method of coloring. Because the hair has to be filled with light black color. Have to color the face also. And have to tell others also. How to fill colors. in which children can make it easier

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