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Popular Flower Names Petunia (455)

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My dear friends, I did not plant a plant at home. This plant has brought Ritu. Had called Ritu's Damru. Damru works at our house. He goes to see the nursery. There he sees a petunia plant. He has asked how much this plant can be found. He says that you will get Petunia for Rs.20. Then he buys a petunia plant for Rs.20. And comes home. Ritu has planted that plant at home. Then I come in the evening. So Ritu is telling me. That I have bought two plants. I have planted that tree. That's why you have to pay Rs.40. I have said that I will give you 40 rupees in the morning. Then I see the plant in the morning. But now the bud is coming. Then this morning I have seen that the flower has started blooming. This beautiful flower is coming.

Let's get to know about the plant together. This plant is sown with the seeds of petunia. But the seeds of the house always bear very small flowers. But he sows by taking outside seeds. So it blooms very beautifully. In which the plant can be planted in the spring. Many flowers bloom together in this plant. Sunlight is most important in this. In which 6 to 7 hours should be available. That's why this plant always starts flowering in the month of March. There is more fog in winters. Those flowers don't come. Only the plant starts growing. It also depends on the dry climate. This plant should not be watered everyday. He can give water to the plant by looking at the soil. In the coming days, the heat will continue to increase everyday. That's why I have to take care of my plant.

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