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Nursery child reading words from the blackboard. (575)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

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School reopen has reopened after two days. I keep studying in my class. But I am learning computers in class 8. Then the Principal told me that you have to call a student from the small class. Then I reached the class and saw that a small boy was reading letters from the blackboard. In which the children are also speaking along with him and he is reading the alphabet 'Gai' from the beginning. In which all the children are saying Cow. He is telling me by reading it in English first. Then he starts speaking in Hindi. These children are very active because nowadays it takes two years for children to read and write.

I asked madam how many years this child has been in this class. Madam said that not even a year has passed. I said that it is reading letters very well. And all the children are studying with it. Such children learn a lot. Because he has already started learning how to read. But there are other students in the class who have problems in studying. Because he is still very young. All these children will be between 3 to 5 years old. nursery full of cute babies

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