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Marigold and evergreen flowers are blooming together. (537)

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There must be some flowers blooming in every house. But I have gone to my sister-in-law's house. The night flower is shining well. Then I reached sister-in-law's house early in the morning. Then I saw that two flowers were planted together in a pot. But flowers are growing on both. The size of the pot will be 10 inches. I have asked how you have planted this plant. Sister-in-law has said that I have mixed the seeds of the plant in the soil. This plant has started growing on its own. Both flowers are coming separately.

Then sister-in-law said that one plant has to be taken out in a small pot and planted in another pot. Then I try to lift the pot. But that pot is getting spoiled. That's why it may take time for me to change. That's why I have started taking out soil from the old pot. This may also cause problems for me. But I am trying my best, the root of the plant is most important. So I need to remove it with the soil in it.

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