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Life teaches us a lot on the One day.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read


I ask God in my beginning. That's why man has been made like this. He is just roaming around in a vain chase. I just met some people. Full of arrogance in every way. Only those people understand this. Those who have problems in life. The rest do not understand anything. I start my day with the grace of God. He says there is nothing. Only telling us that we have to change the world. In which you should think about the dreams of others more than your own dreams. Only then can we get freedom from this world. But we keep moving in this same cycle. Which no one can ever change. Only we can change this.


I wake up early in the morning. Waking up in the morning has many benefits. In which we should wake up before the sun rises. Because life's priceless but this is what it gets. He says that do not spoil your life in sleep. Have made the circle of your life beautiful. Then the sun rises. I go on my journey. Light is showing me new paths. He never takes any wrong path. And we keep going. Every day we get to learn a lot. Together they see that they receive the light of the sun. And moves forward with the new zeal.

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Enjoy Sunday The first ray of morning sun touches the heart. God has given us a new day.
Have a good day.

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