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Khasta Thekua

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago2 min read






Everyone knows. That winter season is going on. In which people like Khasta the most. This was a few days back. Then we also feel like eating Khasta food. But I don't like crispy. But there are two members in the house. Those who always like outside food. It is good to bring Khasta in the morning in winter. In which I go to Khatauli with my bike. Then I reach the market. There is a crispy shop over there. On which many people always meet. I have asked the shopkeeper what is the price of Khasta. He says That there is one crispy in 15 rupees. And two crispy is 30 rupees. I ask to make two crispy. Then the phone calls from home. Ritu has said that you have to bring four khastas. I have asked the shopkeeper to make two sides crispy. Then I notice four crisps, it has become 120 rupees. Then I come home with crispy. Then I give all the crispy ritu. Ritu has said that you can also eat a crispy one. Then I also take a crispy. And start eating. Don't make it so tasty. But it can be delicious too.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera DeviceLG Q60 Rear Camera 16MP
CategoryNature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
EditedCaptured one
I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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