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It was held as a promotional event for the pizza. (606)

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You know what ingredients are used in pizza. Useful in selecting your group. It becomes the most popular. Because it also includes onion, garlic, ricotta, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, chillies. That's why they make your pizza delicious. Pizza Day has started auspiciously in May. In which someone eats pizza every day since that day

It was evening. The wind comes. He says he eats something good. How about a pizza party? He says that a pizza party would also be good. But who can serve Pizza today? Pawan said that I will give you Rs 100. The rest you can indulge in pizza. Then I have to make big pizza for everyone. That's why I go to the market. From there we order a pizza worth Rs 200. He says to come and pick it up after 15 minutes. Then I order pizza. And come back to office. After some time the pizzas arrive. We are enjoying pizza together.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera Devicenothing Rear Camera 12MP
CategoryNature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
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