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In winter, butterfly flowers attract the house. (518)

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My dear friends, it is evening time then I am searching some things on my phone. Then I see some flowers. This flower always blooms in winter. I always like winter flowers. These days many flowers are seen blooming together in the house. These flowers appear in many colors. Then I collect all the pictures from my phone. Getting ready for the evening post. I love the pink flowers in it. In which I have planted in my house in many colors. This plant can be planted in a pot of 10 to 15 inches. For this good soil is needed. That's why I plant these plants in the house. New flowers are seen blooming every day. Only then we can see the beauty of the flower. Let us together plant some saplings this winter.

I want to tell you something about this plant. This plant is found in South America. But now it can be seen in every country. Petunia flower is found in 20 species. Which we can also know by the name of Petunia. It is a popular flower. It is also known from the French language. Seeds are sown in the end of this flower. It is always good in low temperature. Very few flowers come on this plant in high temperature. After planting this seed, the plant starts emerging between 5 to 10 weeks. But it takes 8 weeks for the flowers to open. And this flower keeps blooming for many days. It flowers for one to two months. This plant can always be planted inside the house. A small pot can always grow well. This plant needs 5 to 7 hours of sunlight. That's why some colors of this flower always appear different. It is a natural flower. Whose glow is visible on the flowers. Should always be careful. Whenever the soil starts drying up. So the plant should be watered immediately. Due to some reason the drying plants spoil the flowers.

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