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How much do you know about REQ coin?

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

What is REQ coin? Everyone has some information about it. This is an Ethereum token. It powers its network. Everyone has a protocol for receiving or requesting payment. It is also recorded as a transaction on the network. In which there is a record of all the requests processed. Which can be a good investment. But before investing we should have all kinds of information. These days ups and downs can be seen in the market. In which we cannot even expect. That's why we should know about any coin before buying it.


Come, I have started looking at the chart of the REQ coin. Nowadays, we understand a lot from charts. It started with Rs 2.58. REQ Coin was launched on 30 October 2017. After this some bounce has been seen. That jump has reached 60 rupees. It's only been a few days. Viewed 8 January 2018. Then I have reached the bottom level. In which 0.32 has been seen at Rs. After two years again a boom has been seen. It is amazing to see this. Due to which the price depends. Because with this we can see the Trading Volume ₹ 359,899,963. Which can be estimated from Volume / Market Cap 0.0686.

I hope you like them. Have a Nice Day.
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