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He is very interested in making art. (476)

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 9 months ago2 min read

School girl doing photography.






Art is always good for kids. He is very interested in making art. Along with this, enthusiasm is seen in the day of art. But in class 3 and 4 the enthusiasm is highest. He says that sir, first of all we want to make art but he does not know how to make pictures yet. It also takes a long time for them to learn. But his art appears in a new form. In which the art of each child is different. Because he does not make his art by seeing and understanding. He looks at the picture once. And start making. In which the picture does not have any visible beans. Because his picture makes it very beautiful. I always start in class 8. Because first period starts from class 8. In which this picture was made a few days ago. Then I attach to draw a picture.

In which today we have been given to draw a picture of a squirrel. In which she is searching for her fruit. Then we start together. Like making a mouth. In which ear and nose should be good. In which the depiction is done from the most important face. Then the hands and tail of the squirrel are made. After that the leg is also made. In some time, the art is made and ready. I keep taking a picture of all the scenes. Then I go to second grade. Here also I had to give a girl to paint. But girls have not come in this class. That's why I gave the boys a picture to draw. He makes the best art of his class. Then I give the same picture to all the class to draw. Then I also check the copy of some students. In which everyone's copy is checked every week.

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