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God has created very beautiful rain.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read


I start my journey. And God has given us a lot. This day is starting with rain. God created the drops. Anytime it rains. But some rain brings happiness. In the winter season brings cold air. I am standing on the road near my farms. And see how much it is raining. There is water everywhere. But my fields have been filled with water. Then I am standing on the side of the road. And I see that light drops are coming in the rain. I am taking my umbrella, I am feeling the drops, I have opened my umbrella. And enjoying the rainy season.


Every minute a car passes on the way. And I am waiting for sunrise. Today it is two to three. In which I like to see the sun rays. But light is needed for all. But nothing is changing in the weather yet. God lives with his clouds. He says that there will be no change in the rain, it never harms anyone. He always takes care of his children. So just give some time. He has made my day beautiful again, I have never seen my God. But he stays with us.

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Enjoy Sunday The first ray of morning sun touches the heart. God has given us a new day.
Have a good day.

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