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Flattening the path of raw soil.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 8 months ago2 min read


Hello friends. I have again brought the work of Pawan. Nowadays Pawan has been asked to level some path. This time the distance is about 10 kms. Which has some rough roads. Some are paved roads. In which equal grass is also to be corrected, in which it is said to level the Pawan. First of all, information about the place is given. Then its report is prepared and sent forward. After which the work starts. Pawan has sent his report last week. Then he starts the work with his workers. Due to some reason labor is not available. So he himself does his work.


Today we have to level the path of Chakroad. In which that Chakroad is 5 kilometers long. But we have taken only a few workers in this. This time women are also working. She says I don't have work. And he needed money. That's why we have given them work. She removes the grass. In which the laborers have covered the grass with a shovel. The woman collects the grass in one place. Then we reach the construction of pucca roads. There is a rough road on one side on which grass is growing more. Due to this, the water of the pucca road does not come out. So we have to level the soil of this place. Then I collect all the work from the Pawan. Then some print comes out. In which there is a view on both sides of the work. Then this work is checked by the government employee. Going there and collecting information.



I hope you like them,
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