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farmers harvesting the fields. (494)

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I am waking up on time in the morning. But along with me I remember God. Because life has been given to me. He is my everything. I always hum them. Then I go out for a walk in the farm. Travels a long way from our home. It continues on in the journey. On the way I see a pond. In which many birds drink water. This pond is always filled with water in a week. There are two ponds here. Those who have a small and a big one. So then I meet uncle next. He is working in his farm. He is calling me. and asks. What day is it raining? I have said that there can be one to two times a week. That's why he collects information. Only then he irrigates his crops. Then I have reached the farm.

Sugarcane crop is doing well in the fields. But some crops have also been damaged. Some trees have dried up instead. Then I go straight to see the tree. No guava was coming on the tree. That's why I can come to see some day. Then I go to meet my brother. That's why brother is cutting the grass. He says that he has to take the buggy. So I start helping my brother. I collect all the grass in one place. Which is grass at the bottom. What does he give to the animal? Then wait for brother. He puts all the grass in the cart. After that I am going home with the bullock cart. But it takes 10 minutes to reach home. Then I am calling Rajat. Then I have said that all this grass has to be cut on the machine. He starts running the machine. But first do other things with the grass.

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