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Farmers grow their crops by hands.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 11 months ago2 min read


Hello friends, nowadays farmers do their farming less with tractor, they do most of their home with tools, it does not save time, but he makes his crop good, he becomes his special tool, and his He also does experiments, he always makes such a tool, in which hands are used, because it does not cost a single rupee, so he also uses these tools to his laborers, the farmer saves the time of cost in farming. thinks about, he understands that he wants to complete two days of work in one day, so always some people work together,


Some farmers keep their crops in mind, they work in the morning, the work gets done early in the morning, you can see that 4 farmers are fixing their path, this is the path of the field on both sides, in which On one side there is wheat crop, and on the other side there is sugarcane crop, in which the middle road has been damaged, because it rained a few days ago, due to which the roads have become potholes, but the paths have also been corrected and leveled. The width of some roads has also reduced, so they have separate construction work, the path always leads to the fields, due to some reason the road gets spoiled, then the problem of the farmer increases, in which the time of harvesting of the crop is, he harvests his crop, and supplies to the mill,


I hope you like them,
Enjoy your Thursday. It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the farm.
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