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Farmer plowing the field. (487)

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Morning day is always beautiful. I always do exercise. But Sundays are always special to me. In which I get a chance to roam. But today was a holiday. Then after doing household chores, I go for a walk in the fields. But the distance of farm from home is about 3 to 5 kms. I have not measured the distance till date. But it takes a long time to go. Then I meet many farmers on the way. But nowadays all the farmers are busy in harvesting their wheat. This month of April is important for the farmer. It has already rained. But it should not rain this month. Because all the farmers can be at loss. Some farmers take time to harvest. But some do their harvesting too soon. Then I have reached my fields.

Then I have seen that brother, plowing is being done in the fields. I have asked who has asked to plow? He says that Brijesh has said, then after some time Brijesh also comes. He says that you had to plow the fields below. But he is plowing this field. Earlier plowing was done with two oxen. But nowadays plowing is done with only one buffalo. He always does it in the morning. The weather is cold at this time. Due to this, the sugarcane crop is good. And digging grass in the field also becomes good. In which the soil climbs well on the roots of sugarcane. Sugarcane is plowed several times. It happens then. When farmers irrigate their crops. As soon as the fields start drying up. Then plowing is started. For some reason the plowing gets delayed. So the whole field dries up.

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